Big Blue Box Podcast - Episode 143

Doctor Who – Ep143: Acting In Extremis

Hey Who fans! We’re reeeeally looking forward to reviewing Extremis this week but first, some news and merch… The News Pretty light on news but we do have some viewing…

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Big Blue Box Podcast - Episode 142

Doctor Who – Ep142: Take My Breath Away

Hey Who fans! Welcome aboard once more, let’s get this show on the road, or, space-time continuum, meh. The News We chat about the confirmed weekly viewing figures for Knock…

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Big Blue Box Podcast - Episode 141

Doctor Who – Ep141: Who’s There? Creepy Landlord

Hey Who fans! Creepy Doctor Who is back but before our review some news featuring an interesting Torchwood update. The News Torchwood is coming back for series 5! Before we…

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Big Blue Box Podcast - Episode 140

Doctor Who – Ep140: Skating on thin ice

Howdy Who fans and welcome to Ep140. We catch up with Adam and his location travels around Paris, some merch and our review of Thin Ice. The News Mostly viewing…

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