Big Blue Box Podcast - Episode 177

Doctor Who – Ep177: Image of the Painted Eyelids

Welcome to Episode 177… The News The only news, and it’s a big one, is the new logo and branding for the show that was announced by BBC Worldwide a…

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Big Blue Box Podcast - Episode 176

Doctor Who – Ep176: Wherefore Art Thou Witches

Welcome to Episode 176… The News A new book for charity is on the way – A Second Target for Tommy. Who author Tommy Donbavand recovered from cancer but has…

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Kingdom of Lies – Big Finish Review

2017 saw Big Finish go big. Over the course of last year, we were treated to the return of Rose Tyler, entered the Time War proper, Derek Jacobi’s Master, the…

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Big Blue Box Podcast - Episode 175

Doctor Who – Ep175: Ssseeedssssss of Bubble Bath

Welcome to Episode 175… The News It’s a tumbleweed week, no news. Merch Corner Plenty of merch though – Upcoming The Enemy of the World Special Edition DVD, an Amy…

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Doctor Who Shada Review

Alternative Betelgeuse – The 4th Doctor Returns in Animation Shada Review

I very rarely buy brand new Doctor Who DVD’s to be honest. They always seem frankly designed to take as much money as possible from me as a consumer but…

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A story of Regeneration Part 2

‘Those were the days my friend’ (a story of Regeneration Part 2)

Welcome back Whovians to the second part of my article on regeneration. In Part 1 I discussed how regeneration occurs in the natural world and why it became a part of the…

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Big Blue Box Podcast - Episode 174

Doctor Who – Ep174: Lunatics Running the Asylum

Hey Who fans, we’re here for 174. We’re light on news and merch so let’s jump in… The News More sad news as classic Who actor Jeremy Wilkin has passed away…

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