Torchwood: Believe – Big Finish Review

Torchwood has always been a mixed bag for me with Big Finish. There was no denying the excitement surrounding Big Finish’s announcement they would begin to continue the Torchwood story…

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Big Blue Box Podcast - Episode 187

Torchwood – Ep187: First Day on the Job

Welcome to Episode 187… The News Our Candian friends are getting the Genesis of the Daleks in cinemas and an update on that Hartnell An Unearthly Child script that went…

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Ravenous Volume One – Big Finish Review

Ah, the Eighth Doctor on audio. It all used to be so simple, you had Charley, C’Rizz, Mary then Lucie. Then Dark Eyes came out and felt like a real epic, then…

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Gently into that Good Night – The Ever-Young Companions

If you stopped to really consider it, being a companion of the Doctor can be a rather dangerous adventure. Despite the best-laid plans, the Tardis will take the Doctor, whether…

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The Helliax Rift – Big Finish Review

Can you believe that Big Finish are nearly twenty-years-old?! We’ve seen them grow so much since their first release, Bernice Summerfield: Oh No It Isn’t! And the changes are still…

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Don’t you think he looks tired? A review of Twice Upon a Time

Hello my dear Whovians We’ve just had some of the hottest days of Spring and finally we may be full swing towards Summer but I’d like to take you back…

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Big Blue Box Podcast - Episode 186

Sarah Jane Adventures – Ep186: Raxacori… meh, farting aliens

Welcome to Episode 186… The News Who fans in the US will get to see Genesis of the Daleks at the cinema. Merch Corner Eagleamoss announce new TARDIS Console figures,…

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