Big Blue Box Podcast - Episode 196

Sarah Jane Adventures – Ep196: Beware Hooded Aliens

Welcome to Episode 196… The News The BBC and have teamed up to offer a Who-themed Escape Room starting later this year and get into all the Who details…

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Rethinking Regenerations of Old (Part 2)

Rethinking Regenerations of Old (Part Two)

Previously in Part One, I took a closer look at the Regenerations of the first four Doctors. This time, I’ll be tackling those of the 1980s Doctors… Now we come…

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Waiting for Jodie

There was a lot to take away from the World Cup trailer; dippy egg for Ryan, pizza for Yaz and a chippy tea for Graham. We saw little of Jodie…

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Hour of the Cybermen – Big Finish Review

This month sees the finale in a loose trilogy of Sixth Doctor adventures. Companion-less, the Sixth Doctor has been through a lot, there was the betrayal of a friend in…

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Big Blue Box Podcast - Episode 195

Doctor Who – Ep195: The Beast Below

Welcome to Episode 195… The News Plenty to cover from the last two weeks including… a confirmed Christmas Special(?), New Zealand channel nabs the broadcast rights for series 11 and…

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The Time War 2 – Big Finish Review

For something that was designed to restore a bit of mystery to the character of the Doctor ahead of the show’s regeneration in 2005, the Time War is at risk…

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A Summer of Love

Being a Doctor Who fan the last few months has felt a rollercoaster of anticipation. We went through a few weeks after Peter Capaldi’s last episode with what seemed a…

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Rethinking Regenerations of Old

Rethinking Regenerations of Old (Part One)

We Doctor Who fans love to rank things. Be it Doctors, Companions, Stories or Console Rooms we all have our favourites and least favourites. Another aspect of Doctor Who that…

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I’m Afraid of Americans: Doctor Who at Comic-Con

With Comic-Con only a week away, and some anxiety over gasp Americans seeing Series 11 footage first, Mark Donaldson looks at Doctor Who’s American connections and conventions to analyse why the US market is key to…

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The Trial of Class

2016 was a sorry year for us Whovians, with no new series of the show on television, there was very little circulating except for the fantastic Big Finish audiobooks. Then…

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