Big Blue Box Podcast - Episode 199

Doctor Who – Ep199: Bad Mr Smith

Welcome to Episode 199… The News The DWAS kick-off the fundraising for the Hartnell Heritage Plaque and a bunch of new writers and directors announced for Series 11. Merch Corner…

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Big Finish Review: Red Planets

Red Planets kicks off what seems to be a Seventh Doctor end of the year for Big Finish. Not only is he getting a series of adventures with Ace, Mel, Hex,…

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William Hartnell as the First Doctor

Saving the First Until Last

In the two and a half years that I’ve been a Doctor Who fan, I’ve managed to see a number of stories from each Doctor and even completed a few…

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If we fight like animals, we die like animals: Doctor Who fandom, Talons, The DWM Time Team and Social Media

Doctor Who is 55 years old this year, it’s a television institution and, aptly, acts as a time machine, a way for us to delve into the history of British…

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Big Finish Review: Torchwood – Instant Karma

What really annoys you? What really grinds your gears? For me, people who don’t listen or ignore you and people who chew loudly. Working in retail, I also don’t appreciate people…

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Who and Me: My Greatest Doctor Who Cliff-Hangers

Doctor Who has always had cliff-hangers. Their the famous shock moments at the end of an episode, intended to get the audience back for the next week. During its classic…

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The Sixth Doctor and Peri

The Sixth Doctor – The Wrong(ed) Doctor?

The cat who walks alone I don’t really enjoy the process of declaring my big birthdays (although my work colleagues, unfortunately, have thought otherwise much to my embarrassment) but Colin Baker…

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Big Finish Review: The First Doctor Adventures Vol. 2

Mark Donaldson finds Sydney Newman’s vision of Doctor Who harnessed to great effect in the latest volume of Big Finish’s The First Doctor Adventures. Once David Bradley was canonised, Hurndall-like,…

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No Place for Girls: The Deadly Assassin and its lack of female characters

It can’t be easy to be Doctor Who Magazine. The 21st-century incarnation of the show is 13 years old, which means that there’s a whole new generation to cater to…

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Big Blue Box Podcast - Episode 198

Torchwood – Ep198: Sexy Cyber Fail

Welcome to Episode 198… The News The DWAS to honour William Hartnell, series 11 wraps filming and a quick update on the BBC court case to sniff out the mole…

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