Big Blue Box Podcast - Episode 206

Doctor Who – Ep206: It’s the TARDIS but not as we know it

Welcome to Episode 206… The News The Woman Who Fell to Earth tops the viewing figures for a series opener, the William Hartnell plaque is unveiled and there’s a new…

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Big Finish Review: Ravenous 2: Seizure (3/3)

Mark Donaldson concludes his three part review of Ravenous 2 with Guy Adams’ Seizure, an atmospheric and creepy tale that introduces us to the Time Lords’ most primal fear.  Answering a distress call…

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Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice? Series 11 ep1 Review: The Woman That Fell to Earth

Fun fact for you dear reader. Did you know that fear of the number 13 is a recognised phobia called Triskaidekaphobia dating back to 1911? Whilst I don’t have this…

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Big Finish Review: Ravenous 2: Better Watch Out/Fairytale of Salzburg (2/3)

Mark Donaldson continues his three-part review of Ravenous 2, Big Finish’s latest 8th Doctor boxed set. This time focusing on the middle story, the two-part Christmassy tale Better Watch Out/Fairytale of Salzburg written by…

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Big Finish Review: Ravenous 2: Escape from Kaldor (1/3)

It’s a bold move for Big Finish to release a new Paul McGann boxed set in the days immediately following the return of the main show to our screens, but…

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Big Blue Box Podcast - Episode 205

Doctor Who – Ep205: Unlucky for some but not here

Welcome to Episode 205… The News A quick update on the Hartnell Heritage Plaque and the Series 11 opener overnight viewing figures. Merch Corner Volume 3 of the Tenth Doctor…

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1970s Set

Figure Review: The 1970s Collector Figure Set

Previously, I took a look at the recent Twelfth Doctor B&M set in which we got a kit-bashed figure of Bill Potts. This was something I certainly never thought the…

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Titan Comics Thirteenth Doctor Issue 0

COMICS REVIEW: The Thirteenth Doctor #0

On-screen, the multi-Doctor story tends to appear every ten years to celebrate anniversaries. In the panels of the comic book page, however, the multi-Doctor story is becoming something of an…

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Big Blue Box Podcast - Episode 204

Doctor Who – Ep204: Goodbye One Before Hello Thirteen

Welcome to Episode 204… The News Series 13 gets its Sunday evening time slot confirmed and our friends in Canada also get their broadcast time confirmed. Merch Corner A new 4th…

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Big Finish Review: The Dalek Occupation of Winter

The Early Adventures are back! Following on from a very successful year in 2017 with the adventures of the Second Doctor, Polly, Ben, Jamie and Zoe. The Dalek Occupation of…

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