Doctor Who S11 E08: The Witchfinders episode FIRST REACTION

My dear reader, Life just has a habit sometimes of getting in the way of my live viewing of Doctor Who which is frankly inconvenient. So I settled down this…

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Snap Crackle Pop, Doctor Who S11 E7: Kerblam! Review

Corporate satire Dear reader, I wonder if Pete McTighe a fan of classic Doctor Who? I think so! Welcome to Kerblam! the unique story with an exclamation mark in the…

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Big Finish Review: The Seventh Doctor New Adventures Volume 1 – Review

First introduced into the Doctor Who mythos in Original Sin an Virgin New Adventures novel from 1995, Chris Cwej and Roz Forrester travelled with the Doctor until the end of…

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Big Finish Review: Entaglement

Continuing this year’s series of Early Adventures is Entanglement. Another solid entry from writers Robert Khan and Tom Salinsky, The Doctor, Vicki and Steven find themselves in Cambridge in the…

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Big Finish Review: Warlock’s Cross

Warlock’s Cross, the latest entry to the Main Doctor Who range at Big Finish has the tough job of wrapping up a few things. First is the overall UNIT arc,…

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Big Blue Box Podcast - Episode 212

Doctor Who – Ep212: It’s the Muppet Show!

Welcome to Episode 212… The News Some chat around viewing figures and the upcoming “Worlds Collide” from Escape Room. Merch Corner New “Mini Moment” prop from Rubbertoe and the NYCC…

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