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Doctor Who Series 11 has been a topic on a lot of people’s minds over the last few months, even with no footage and barely any posters to go from, we are still all anticipating what this upcoming revolutionary series will include. Amidst the sea of things that we don’t know, we have a few small droplets that mean big things for the show as a whole over the next year and I’m here today to list the biggest changes coming in this year’s series of Doctor Who!

1: The Episodes

Since 2005, the show has taken the standard layout of having a series of 13 episodes (12 in the Capaldi era) per series, all stretching to 45 minutes each and all having a Christmas Special at the end of each year. But this year the tables seem to have turned, it’s confirmed we are only getting 10 episodes this series all being 50 minutes long, other than the series premiere (which is 65 minutes long). This could be considered a negative thing due to the lack of 3 episodes in that sense, but on the other side of the coin you could argue that the episodes extended time frame will give it opportunity to be able to flesh out a story more and not cut it short like many modern who episodes

2: The Logo/ Titles

The Logo and Title sequences for Doctor Who are some of the most culturally renowned in classic television. This year’s series should be no exception with the new logo font after remaining the same since Matt Smith’s first series back in 2010 and the new graphics team and new musician for the show hopefully being able to create a more modern and up to date version of the classic Doctor Who Vortex and Theme Song, we certainly have something to be excited for!

3: The Tardis

Although the colours of the TARDIS exterior differ almost every couple of years in the show, the shape of the box has barely changed at all since the revival in 2005. Breaking new ground once again, the Tardis for series 11 changes up not just the colour and the lamp, but also the general shape and size of the box itself. Standing smaller than all the modern Boxes but still wider than most of the Classic Boxes, this TARDIS looks to hold a very unique style, without even mentioning the blue and yellow flickering bulb as seen in the logo reveal video. The interior is also set to be something new and refreshing, but since Chibs has cast his hood of secrecy over the production, it looks like we won’t be seeing any of that design until the series airdate

4: The Sonic Screwdriver

Coming from many tweets and social media posts from news articles and prop makers who’ve worked on this series of the show, we know that the famous Sonic Screwdriver will not only be a new design but will also divert from any previous model, being very unique and noticeable in comparison with the rest of the Sonic Range. This again is cast in the secrecy hood, so other than that, nothing is really known about the new Sonic

5: The Doctor

In case you have been living under a rock since last year’s Wimbledon Men’s final, you will, of course, be aware that Jodie Whittaker – A Female – Will be playing the role of the 13th Doctor! This truly exciting news has left most of the community amazed and excited, whilst leaving others in disappointment. Whatever the outcome of her incarnation of the Doctor may be, we know that it will be impactful, with the number of news outlets covering any little changes and announcements we have been given over the last few months, including her unique costume reveal and companions reveal late last year. No one truly knows how well she may end up being in her role, but we can all agree on one thing. That being the very excitable attitude she upholds. Every interview with her has shown her looking very ecstatic and enthusiastic about the role she took up just about a year ago, which makes me very excited!

That’s my Big 5! What are you looking forward to seeing in the upcoming series of Doctor Who? Let us know!

George Sheard

After 13 years of growing up with the genre, George has a love for Doctor Who and many other Sci-Fi Franchises. George makes videos expressing his love for Past, Current and Future Who on his YouTube Channel!

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