Advertise & Sponsorship


We’re always on the look out to feature relevant products and services on the website. We offer various placements throughout the site at varying prices. Please get in touch here and let us know the details and we’ll send over our pricing based on your requirements.


If you’d like to sponsor the show this is done via an audio ad within the podcast. There are two levels of sponsorship – basic and full.

The basic level consists of a 10 second ad at the beginning of the show which promotes your product. You can either supply us with your own audio clip or we’ll verbally do it for you.

The full level consists of the 10 second ad as the basic level but also includes another 10-15 second ad halfway through the episode along with a closing mention by us at the end.

We’ll consider all sponsorship proposals that relate to our podcast genre so please don’t approach us with an audio ad for lawn mowers or piano tuning services.

Please get in touch here to enquire about sponsorship pricing.

A word on revenue and pricing Our podcast isn’t and never will be a tool to make money. We run the podcast to show our passion for an amazing TV show and not to generate any kind of income. Any revenue we make as a result of advertising or sponsorship will go to the cost of maintaining this podcast. This includes: website hosting for this site, media hosting for audio files, backups and maintenance for this site and the audio files, audio recording equipment, editing hardware & software, travel costs for events and conferences and marketing materials when needed.