Garry and Adam are fans of Doctor Who based in the UK. Garry started the podcast back in March 2014 and Adam jumped onboard in the October of that year, cementing what’s now known as the “TARDIS Team”.

Garry is, by day, a web designer and developer who’s interest in podcasting started a few years ago after discovering a “treasure trove” of fan made audio shows in iTunes. Since then he’s produced and co-hosted the show along with designing and building the website. He also enjoys digital art and one day hopes to produce the cover art for Big Finish.

Adam is a life-long Doctor Who fan who’s knowledge and experience of the show goes far beyond that of your average fan. His addition to the show brought a wealth of facts and opinion that makes every episode a joy to listen to. Adam runs his own YouTube channel called The Geeks Handbag where he posts reviews, unboxings, convention vlogs and much more.