Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 110

Welcome aboard the Tardis Who fans as we land somewhere in time and space to go through the news, let those pesky Daleks in for some upcoming merch then we rewind back to classic Who for our review of The Green Death.

The News

Last week we told you about Polarity Day, an upcoming event to celebrate Jon Pertwee and his time as the Doctor. The DWAS have now released ticket and event info which you can check out here. Get your stamped address envelopes off now!

We have some more details on Class including Capaldi’s involvement in episode 1 and we now have a date too – Saturday 22nd October will see the first two episodes go live on the now online only channel BBC Three.


We go through the press release for the upcoming new series of Lethbridge-Stewart books starting with the great sounding Times Squared which is a direct sequel to The Web of Fear.

“The Green Death” Review

There’s no reversing of the polarity in this episode but we do have plenty of giant maggots and a sad farewell for Jo Grant. Are we drawn to the green glow of this story or do we feel like maggots stuck on a fishing hook?

Thank you as always for listening, quite a long show this week. Next week it’s the 11th Doctor’s turn when we look at the often divided The Rings of Akhaten, get your reviews in for that one. Until than have a great week and as always – Allons-y!!


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