Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 117

Welcome new and old listeners alike! This week’s show has the usual waffle, latest news, some merch then our reviews of both Class Episode 5 – Brave-ish Heart and our 11th Doctor story – Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. Geronimo!

The News

Help historian David J Howe fund his museum to display his lifetime collection of Doctor Who merchandise. Check out his story and donate on the Indiegogo page (or search on Indieogo for The Doctor Who Merchandise Museum).


The Douglas Adams story The Pirate Planet is getting released in January and is based on the original notes Adams put down over 40 years ago. Will be a good pick up this one.

Warlord Games are releasing two additional miniature sets for the upcoming adventure table top game Into the Time Vortex. These new sets are the Cybermen and Dalek versions which can be custom painted.

“Class: Episode 5 – Brave-ish Heart” Review

The concluding episode to last week but has it ramped up the essentials to provide a fitting close or are we left a little disappointed?

“Dinosaurs on a Spaceship” Review

“I have a gang!” It’s always great to spend time with the 11th Doctor and this one has it’s fans and dislikers. What do we think though? A classic Doctor Who adventure or should it remain on the shelf, ready for extinction?

A huge thank you as always for you continued support and those that sent in reviews. Next week it classic week and it’s the turn of the 4th Doctor and The Sontaran Experiment. Have a super week and remember – Allons-y!!


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