Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 18

Hey Who fans! Some feel good news items this week followed by our review of the Series 8 finale second parter: Death in Heaven.

The News

More Doctor Who Experience news this week but more positive than recent. The Studio Set Tours which were due to finish at the end of November have now been extended to December 14th which is great news if you wanted to check it out but couldn’t make it this month. You can book tickets as usual on the DWE site.

The BBC have opened up a couple of auctions on eBay to raise money for this years Children in Need. The first is a set visit to one of the episodes next year for series 9 where you’ll be treated like a VIP and get to meet the whole cast and crew etc. The bid is already at over £5000 but it looks absolutely worth it and all the money goes to the Children in Need charity. Take a look at the auction here. The second auction is to spend the day with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales as they rehearse for the Symphonic Spectacular, again another great day up for grabs, check it out here.

Finally, tomorrow night’s Children in Need program is to have a slot to feature Doctor Who which is something the show has done every year since 2005. They’re usually great little shorts and often feature a star guest or similar so look out for it during the program.

“Death in Heaven” Review

The Series finale crept round deceivingly early, where has series 8 gone already?!? Last week’s Dark Water was overall very good but does the conclusion offer the same? Find out as we discuss the plot, the good, the bad and the, well, not so good.

Thanks for stepping into the Tardis for episode 18. As the current series has now ended we’re going to revive the retrospective reviews from the classic years so look out for those starting next week. Until next time – Allons-y!