Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 21

Episode 21 is here and we’ve got some very cool news stories to go through plus our retro-review for a classic story set in a light house with a certain green jelly-like alien.

The News

The broadcast time for Last Christmas has been confirmed and will go out at 6:15pm on Christmas Day in the UK which is great time slot for post-Christmas dinner relaxing. Our friends in the US and Canada will get it at 9:30pm while Australia will have to wait until Boxing Day.

Next year, starting February 2015, we’re going to be treated to a new series of novels based on Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart’s character. Being released each quarter the series will start with The Forgotten Son, followed by Horror of Det-Sen then The Schizoid Earth and lastly Mutually Assured Domination. Colonel Alistair is a great character and important throughout Who history so looking forward to checking these out.

According to the Daily Mirror (one of the UK’s more ridiculous tabloids) Doctor Who has been an absolute flop with series due to the later start times with them claiming it’s had the worst viewing figures since the show’s return in 2005. Yes, while the ratings have been slightly down year-on-year there’s been a massive increase in iPlayer and on-demand viewing which accounts for a significant chuck. A story best left to the cynics we think.

BBC Worldwide have announced a new BBC Theme Park, costing £2Bn, will open in Kent in 2020. It will feature experiences from the BBC’s top shows including Doctor Who. This is a big story but not many details are available as yet so make sure you’re subscribed to keep up with news on this.

Jenna Coleman has decided she wants to stay on as so the Christmas Special will no longer be her last episode but instead she’ll be with us through the first half of series 9. Is this a good or a bad thing? Is there more stories left to tell for Clara?

Finally, the classic story The Underwater Menace is getting a release on DVD, landing in February 2015. A long winded story this one but we could finally get our hands on it soon.

“Horror of Fang Rock” Retrospective Review

It’s Classic Who review time and this week we venture to the dark, cold and creepy light house where the Doctor and Leela investigate a mysterious green light and the sudden death of the light house’s inhabitants. A story often overlooked but absolutely underrated this is one you’ll definitely want to check out.

Thanks for stepping into the Tardis for episode 21. Some great comments through on the interwebs, please keep them coming in and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button in iTunes or your fav podcast player. Until next time – Allons-y!


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