Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 23

As 2014 draws to a close we round out the year’s news then go straight in with our review of 2014’s Christmas special – Last Christmas.

The News

We have confirmation that Jenna Coleman will be staying on throughout all of series 9 and not just for the first half as we first thought. A bit of an up-and-down story this one as originally she was meant to leave at the Christmas special, then decided she wanted to stay on for the first half of series 9 and now she’s on for good. Oh Clara, what are we going to do with you?

2014’s Christmas special Last Christmas received modest ratings of 6.3m in the overnights. It surprisingly beat Downton Abbey and came in just shy of Corrie. Not amazing overnight’s but as we’ve spoken about on the show recently, more people are recording via Sky+, Virgin etc or watching via BBC iPlayer so this is more of an opening remark rather than the final curtain call.

The Doctor has been voted the Best Sci-Fi Character of All Time in a survey conducted by the British Film Institute. Beating off sci-fi icons such as Darth Vader, Ripley from Alien, Doctor Spock and Fox Mulder to name a few, The Doctor has once again be held in high regard by fans of sci-fi. Full story and results here.

Now that the 10th, 11th and 12th Doctor’s are in full swing with their own comic book run from Titan Comics, it’s time for the 9th Doctor to have a turn too. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the show’s return in 2005, a 5-issue mini-run will launch in March featuring Eccleston. Definitely a purchase based on the quality of the current comics.

“Last Christmas” Review

Our last review of 2014! As we took Christmas week off as a break our last review had to be 2014’s much awaited Last Christmas. With guest roles from the likes of Nick Frost and Dan Starkey and featuring a story line around Santa Claus this one definitely had us interested. Did it deliver a tasty tangerine or put us back to sleep to dream of better Christmas specials?

As always. thanks for flying in the Tardis with us for episode 23. As this was out last recording of 2014 I’d like to say a very Happy New Year (you can read my more detailed message here) and let’s all have a fantastic 2015. Allons-y!!!


  1. Joe

    Great podcast guys, I would give Last Christmas a 7/10, I like the storyline and the concept of it. Not brilliant episode but quite good. I didn’t really cared about the characters also. Peter Capaldi shined once again as The Doctor.
    Nice to hear Gary you went to Canada and you came across the channel that had Doctor Who Marathon.
    Always good to watch repeated Series, that’s why I have all the revived Series on dvd and Blu Ray box set.
    Anyway roll on Series 9! 😀

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