Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 89

Hey Who fans! It’s a full on show today with news, merch and reviews (and we also announce the winner of our book giveaway). Let’s go!

The News

After discussing the Target artwork gallery at the Cartoon Museum in London last week, who was it that opened the gallery, none other than Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi! Candy Jar also unveil the cover for the next book in the series The Showstoppers.

Merch Corner

Need to keep your desk tidy? This new Tardis themed pen/pencil/any small stationary holder will look great on any desk, find it at The Monster Rubbertoe Replicas have released the very cool looking Neural Block prop as seen in Hell Bent. It’s a great looking little replica which would look great on the shelf.

“The Robots of Death” Review

It’s felt like ages since we travelled on an adventure with the 4th Doctor so it’s good to get back into it with The Doctor and Leela as they investigate some murderous robots but who’s sabotaged this mining mission? Do we have enough computing power to enjoy this or do we retire early?

Thank you for listening and giving us your thoughts. Next week it’s Tennant territory when we review The Idiots Lantern. Have an awesome week and until next time – Allons-y!


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