Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 90

Episode 90 brings you the latest Who news, a cool upcoming merch item then it’s onto our review which is the 10th Doctor’s story The Idiot’s Lantern. This way…

The News

Great news for Big Finish, they’ve extended the licence to produce Doctor Who stories until 2025, so bucket loads of new Who stories still to come over the years. To celebrate the upcoming 500th issue of Doctor Who Magazine they are holding an online poll for readers to vote for their favourite cover, right from issue 1 up to now. Head over to their site to cast your votes on some amazing covers that we’ve been treated to for years now.

Merch Corner

You can now pre-order your copy of Torchwood #1 from Titan Comics. Coming by way of 6 variant covers (for now) there’s some nice one’s in there. You can pre-order from Forbidden Planet at the moment, these should be good.

“The Idiot’s Lantern” Review

We weren’t sure how to approach this one really, it’s one that’s been on the shelf un-watched for a long time but is that intentional or is it one of those forgotten gems? We don our slick back hair, brush up on our 50’s London accent and get ready to be either blown away, or get let down like a TV repeat that no one watches.

Thank you for listening and a big hello to our new listeners and old alike. Next week we’re reviewing the 7th Doctor’s story The Greatest Show in the Galaxy and we look forward to your thoughts on that. Have a brilliant week and we’ll catch you next time – Allons-y!


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