Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 91

Howdy do Who fans. We have some great merch items to talk through today plus our review of this hidden gem of a classic story, away we go!

The News

The Target Exhibition (that we’ve spoken about lots it seems over the past couple of weeks) has now been extended until Sunday 6th June so if you haven’t been ab;e to get there and check it out, you’ve got another couple of weeks to do so.

Merch Corner

Merch has been coming thick and fast the last week. We talk about the new 12th Doctor sonic screw driver toy from Character, the 10th Doctor Adventures starring David Tennant and Catherine Tate is finally released from Big Finish and there’s going to be a new 3rd Doctor adventure from Titan Comics, written by Paul Cornell, hitting the shelves this August.

“The Greatest Show in the Galaxy” Review

When you think of the 7th Doctor’s era you don’t generally think about this story, it’s like it’s fallen into a trap street. Well this week we dive into the Psychic Circus and get look in detail at the story, writing and production. Does it do enough for us to laugh at the clowns(!) or do we walk away with soggy candy floss?

Thanks as always for listening and your thoughts on this week’s review story. Next week it’s 11th Doctor’s turn with Victory of the Daleks and we look forward to your thoughts on that. We’d also like your opinion on where you’d like us to do a Big Finish review after that, send us a tweet or Facebook message. Have a brilliant week and until next time – Allons-y!


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