Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 92

Welcome aboard the TARDIS for episode 92. Plenty of great news and merch items this week then onto our review of Victory of the Daleks.

The News

Those folks over at Fantom Publishing (who also throw excellent events through their Fantom Events team) are releasing a couple more releases in their Who Talk series of independent story commentaries, namely some Hartnell “orphan” stories and the excellent The Daemonsout in June.

The Doctor Who Experience have some great things happening over this Bank Holiday weekend including Pearl Mackie’s companion outfit, Rigsy’s TARDIS memorial for Clara, Zygon make-over plus lots more, get yourself over there!

Doctor Who Magazine have now released their 500th issue! Fronting a copy of the very first issue plus lots of extras in this bumper special edition, it’s definitely one to pick up for keeps. Great job all at DWM!

Merch Corner

We talk through some great merch this week including: a new Who themed “mystery box” from MyGeekBox containing over £100 of Who stuff, a new Titan mini-figure set “The Good Man” is on it’s way soon, a new collection of already released audio books is out this Nov called Tales from the TARDIS: VOLUME 1 and also out this November is a new Torchwood full cast audio drama titled Outbreak from Big Finish!

“Victory of the Daleks” Review

War-time Britain, Churchill, ally “Ironside” Daleks and new Paradigm Daleks. Always bashed but how do we feel? Good enough to re-watch or do we shoot it down like a Spitfire dog fight in space?

Bit of a long show this week but we had some great news and merch to give you guys. Also thank you for voting on the Big Finish review idea, we’re going to do it but a week later than planned to avoid that initial spoiler period, so, next week it’s a Hartnell story up for review: The Aztecs. Look out for the Facebook post on that as we’d love your thoughts. Have a great week Who fans and until next time – Allons-y!


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