Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 98

Howdy do Who fans, we’re at episode 98! Some great news items and merch then we’re going to Earth in 1983 to visit the 5th Doctor for our review of Mawdryn Undead.

The News

Peter Capaldi is up for Best Actor in this year’s TV Choice Awards. Would be great to see him pick this up so make sure you cast your vote!

Some great news for David Tennant and Steven Moffat who have both received doctorates! In their respective home towns and/or early study places they’ve both been awarded their doctorates for services to drama and acting. What an honour and great moments.


Long-time Doctor Who author John Peel is putting his quill to parchment once again as he pens the latest story in the Lethbridge-Stewart series titled The Grandfather Infestation. Good to see a classic Who writer picking up the story which is now up for pre-order.

Titan have released (rather early) the new Who range of mini figures based on the 12th Doctor. A bit hit and miss this one but a few gems in there none-the-less.

Those clever peeps at Rubbertoe Props have just released the Mini Pandorica. Scaled to the same size as the previously released Siege Mode Tardis and Power of Three Cube, it’s has the usual stunning details but also glows in the day and night! Not too bad a price either!

“Mawdryn Undead” Review

We’re fans of the 5th Doctor as you know but this lesser spoken about “Black Guardian” trilogy is an interesting one. We’re introduced to Turlough, the Brigadier is back and it’s all very timey wimey. A story to recommend or one to leave on the shelf?

Another episode down and thank you for joining us. Next week we’re looking at the 10th Doctor’s story Blink so very much looking forward to your thoughts on that one. Until than have a crackin’ week and remember – Allons-y!!


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