Commentary #1 – The Eleventh Hour

It’s our first ever commentary show and what better way to kick things off than with a modern classic – The Eleventh Hour.

We debated for a while on what episode to do for our first commentary and this wasn’t actually our first choice (that one’s coming very soon). We wanted to do a story from newer Who (you’d all probably get quite bored listening to us comment on a 6-part classic story) and this episode with it’s hour long run time seemed perfect. What better episode to pick from the Matt Smith era than his first?

So get your blu ray, dvd or digital file ready, get a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy this great episode with our usual banter to go with it.

Thanks for stopping by for this commentary show. Let us know if you enjoyed this and we’ll continue to do them. Also let us know your thoughts on The Eleventh Hour.

Until next time – Allons-y!!!


  1. Joe Sweeney

    I watched the episode last night brilliant start to Matt Smith’s era as Eleventh Doctor!

    • Admin - Garry

      It was a brilliant start Joe, one of our fav Matt Smith episodes in fact.

  2. Joe

    it was a great start to Matt Smith’s era, he was a brilliant Doctor through out. But I really hate to say, I was quite disappointed with his last appearance in The Time Of The Doctor. Wasn’t impressed that they given him just an hour episode thought they should of given him another 15 minutes. Little few scenes was quite boring. Only thing I liked was the first 25 minutes of the episode and the regeneration scenes!

    • Admin - Garry

      Indeed, Matt’s last outing was a bit underwhelming, considering he played the Doctor for a decent run and built up a few important story lines. Maybe if RTD was still running the show he may have got more like he did with Tennant?

      • Joe

        I agree, David Doctor went out with a bang. And there was so much going on. RTD he had it spot on. he gave David’s Doctor a great send off. So i was more expecting more on Matt last performance, but again it’s down to the writers.
        I’m glad they had all those lose ends in Matt’s era were eventually tied in that episode.
        First 25 minutes was quite excting then afterwards it became a bit boring until it came the regeneration scene!
        Matt last scene was nice even his last words was very touching!
        When Capaldi eventually leaves the show, hopefully Stephen can do so much more for his last episode!

        • Joe

          Steven I meant!

  3. Simon Hodgson

    Great commentary guys!

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