Commentary #1 – The Eleventh Hour

It’s our first ever commentary show and what better way to kick things off than with a modern classic – The Eleventh Hour.

We debated for a while on what episode to do for our first commentary and this wasn’t actually our first choice (that one’s coming very soon). We wanted to do a story from newer Who (you’d all probably get quite bored listening to us comment on a 6-part classic story) and this episode with it’s hour long run time seemed perfect. What better episode to pick from the Matt Smith era than his first?

So get your blu ray, dvd or digital file ready, get a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy this great episode with our usual banter to go with it.

Thanks for stopping by for this commentary show. Let us know if you enjoyed this and we’ll continue to do them. Also let us know your thoughts on The Eleventh Hour.

Until next time – Allons-y!!!