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It would seem to be a fairly quit week in the Whonervese, however if you look hard enough there’s always something going on. Here’s this weeks Who News Roundup.

Director Jamie Childs Joins Series 11 Crew

Director Jamie Childs will be working on the first episodes of the next series. He has form, having previously worked on Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor reveal scene. Childs’ Directorial CV includes; Poldark, White Queen, Never Forgotten – WWI Remember Day Film as well as various short films.

Nick Pegg dismissed from DWM

Dalek Operate Nicholas Pegg has been fired from Doctor Who Magazine after cleverly concealing an explicit message in a recent article.

MCM London Comic Con

David Bradley and Claudia Grant at MMC London Comic Con

On Saturday, fans flocked to MCM Comic Con in London. One of the guests in attendance was David Bradley. Amongst many things, David discussed the up incoming Christmas special. “The Christmas special is something I’ll treasure, I haven’t even seen it yet, so I don’t even know if it works or not. But the trailer looks quite promising I think!” He also made clear his desire to return to the show, joking that if asked he’d ‘bite their hand off’

Doctor Who legend Bernard Cribbins was also at the event. Answering questions, he was shocked to discover that Jodie Whittaker is to take on the leading role. The next Doctor Who? I haven’t heard anything about this,” Cribbins told the audience. “Truly, I didn’t know anything about it. I thought they were going to have a lady, weren’t they? …You see I’m out of touch with it really.”

Full of praise with choice when told, he went on to explain that he would love to hop aboard the Tardis again. “I’d love to do Wilf again. Somebody have a word, I’ll be on to look after that young lady who’s about to start!”

Jenny and River Song Return to Big Finish!

Big Finish: Jenny-The Doctor’s Daughter returns in June 2018!

River Song is back in January where she comes face to Fifth Doctor and the devious Madame Kovarian in The Diary of River Song Series 3. Then she will be joined by Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor in the following boxset due to be realised in August next year

If that wasn’t enough, Georgia Tennant the Daughter/Wife will make her long-awaited comeback to Doctor Who 10 years after her debut appearance in ‘The Doctor’s Daughter’. As well as staring in the series she took on the role of associate producer on the series. Georgia will be teaming up with Sean Biggerstaff (of Harry Potter fame) who plays Noah and follows Jenny on her intergalactic adventures.

The Actress said “I’m so thrilled to be joining forces with Big Finish to bring Jenny back. As we head into the 21st century, FINALLY a female Time Lord in charge of her own spaceship… oh wait!”

Executive producer of the set, Jason Haigh-Ellery said “I am very excited about discovering the new adventures of Jenny – a rogue element in the universe of Doctor Who,” “There is so much we can do with the character and I’m really glad that Georgia has agreed to not only come back to play the part, but also to participate in moving the series forward.”

The Boxset entitled ‘Jenny- The Doctor’s Daughter’ is comprised of 4 storied; Stolen Goods by Matt Fitton, Prisoner of the Ood by John Dorney, Neon Reign by Christian Brassington and Zero Space by Adrian Poynton.
Both Boxsets are available to pre-order from the Big Finish Website


Saturday 28th October- Matt Smith


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