Code of Conduct

Hey, Who fans!

Our website is a fan-driven community-based site catering for our podcast and our articles. We welcome comments from anyone regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or anything else that makes people individual. We want to make our listeners and readers feel safe and comfortable.

To try and manage that here are some rules for commenting on our site and our promise to do our best to enforce them.

Article comments

All comments are moderated, always. We’ll never let people comment openly and freely without one of the administrators viewing that comment first. As long as comments are on-topic, helpful and move the subject along with conversation then we will approve them.

If you see a comment that you feel doesn’t adhere to our Code of Conduct please get in touch and we’ll handle it and likewise, if you want one of your comments edited or removed, we’ll handle that too. We will NEVER reveal the email address of personal information of a posted comment other than the name you posted it under.

These things are not allowed

None of the following is welcome or allowed:

  1. Racist
  2. Sexist
  3. Attacking
  4. Harassing
  5. Offensive
  6. Rude
  7. Disruptive
  8. Intimidating
  9. Stalking
  10. Bigoted
  11. Pornographic/sexual
  12. Spam

This isn’t the full list but you get the idea. Ultimately, don’t be a dick. Our community of listeners and contributors so far have been friendly, helpful and accepting of one another so please, play nice.

Who decides what is not allowed?

We do, the team here running the site. We understand that from time-to-time there’s a level of subjectivity to these things but we’ll always lean towards keeping our community feeling safe and comfortable.

Remember: you don’t get to decide how other people feel about your actions, they do.

So what happens when someone does comment with something unacceptable?

With any luck it won’t see the light of day as we’d have not approved it, it’ll get thrown to the bad wolves.

We also totally get the fact that Who fans are a passionate bunch at times and along with this we all have crappy days, make mistakes etc. We’re not going to kick anyone out for an isolated incident unless it’s extremely rude and/or offensive (this will be our call) but we’ll delete the comment, advise them and move on. Repeat offenders, however, will be banned.

We all love Doctor Who, we’re all passionate about it but that doesn’t give anyone the right to make someone else feel uncomfortable or unsafe. We’ll do everything we can to make sure this is a fun and safe place to comment on our articles but once again play nice and… don’t be a dick.

Garry – Site owner, producer and host.