The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 4 – Big Finish Review

The Third Doctor is back! Volume 4 of The Third Doctor Adventures sees the Doctor and Jo facing off against the Meddling Monk and his breed of Nu-Humans and the…

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Serpent in the Silver Mask – Big Finish Review

What a brilliant trilogy of adventures this has been. Kingdom of Lies, Ghost Walk and Serpent in the Silver Mask have been a masterful set of trips for the Fifth…

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Big Blue Box Podcast - Episode 183

Doctor Who – Ep183: Mythical Story and the, er, TOMTIT

Welcome to Episode 183… The News Fancy owning William Hartnell’s original script from An Unearthly Child? Well, you can if you have the monies as it’s going up for auction….

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Big Blue Box Podcast - Episode 182

Sarah Jane Adventures – Ep182: Free Bubble Shock!

Welcome to Episode 182… The News Some serious talk on Chris Eccleston appearing at London Film and Comic Con and cons in general. Merch Corner Finally(!) the Series 9 soundtrack…

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Doctor Who: Ghost Walk

Ghost Walk – Big Finish Review

Ah, Doctor Who and horror, two of my favourite things. When they come together, the scarier stories are often magic. And Ghost Walk delivers on that respect. When it was…

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Terrance dicks

A man for all seasons-An appreciation of Terrance Dicks

When you consider the longevity of classic Who there are many people that helped to cement its popularity in the common consciousness and for this article I want to put…

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Big Blue Box Podcast - Episode 181

Doctor Who – Ep181: Sky Fire

Welcome to Episode 181… The News Nothing, nada, zip! No Who news this week. Merch Corner More awesome from the folks at Candy Jar Books with the upcoming book –…

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Big Blue Box Podcast - Episode 180

Doctor Who – Ep180: Potato Heads and Clones

Welcome to Episode 180… The News Original audio recordings dating back to the early years are transferred to Mark Ayres at the Restoration Team, we bid farewell to old Doddy…

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What some of our listeners think


Just started a job and these guys save the boredem! I just plug in my earphones and the hours fly by! They have the show very well organised and is a great listen.
GFL_Nose - iTunes

Highlight of every Friday morning!

Look forward to listening to this podcast every Friday. Garry and Adam are natural hosts and it's always great to hear their views on various parts of the Doctor Who fandom. As a newbie to Classic Who, the episode reviews are particularly useful. Great job guys!
CParry90 - iTunes

Doctor Who News/Reviews Central

A really great podcast. Informative, a good laugh and very enjoyable to listent to too! My personal favourite on a Friday evening while playing a casual game or driving. "Fantastic" as the Doctor would say... Thanks guys for the work you put into this!
MultiRobbie10 - iTunes


If you're a Doctor Who fan who isn't listening to this podcast, then you're missing out. Garry and Adam are both fun, relaxed, informative and overall-really nice guys. I highly recommend this podcast.
Badwilf - iTunes

The best little podcast in Mutter's Spiral

Discovered this podcast by mistake and I'm really, really glad I did. It's funny, informative and utterly brilliant. I listen to one of these a day on my journey into work and I find myself talking along when a good point is made and shouting when I disagree. Seriously, I love what you guys are doing. 10/10
Kevin Mullen - iTunes

Great show for Doctor Who fans

This show is awesome. It's got great structure, fair opinions, honesty, understanding and research. This show loves the Doctor Who universe and lives in the real world of today at the same time. These guys have got enthusiasm and professionalism too. Definitely worth listening. Thanks guys, and keep up the good work.
OJH :) - iTunes

Thouroughly enjoyable

Started listening to these guys around ep 80 and loving every episode. Listening to the two of them laugh and joke about Dr Who is a joy every week, with their alternating classic and new Who choices it's a joy for all fans of Doctor Who, keep em coming guys your awesome.
XxElmXx - iTunes

The best Doctor Who podcast out there

Listened since the beginning. Funny, entertaining and they really know their Doctor Who.
NorthernJimbo - Stitcher

Molto bene!

Let me tell you a thing, this podcast is perfect for surviving the hiatus of 2016 Doctor Who. Not only is it introducing me to a load of classic episodes, it also takes me to episodes in the new era that remind me why I love it so much. Garry and Adam are lovely lads and superb hosts, and the banter between them is top notch. I live for the Thursdays these come out.
yoocantsaythat - iTunes