The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 4 – Big Finish Review

The Third Doctor is back! Volume 4 of The Third Doctor Adventures sees the Doctor and Jo facing off against the Meddling Monk and his breed of Nu-Humans and the…

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Serpent in the Silver Mask – Big Finish Review

What a brilliant trilogy of adventures this has been. Kingdom of Lies, Ghost Walk and Serpent in the Silver Mask have been a masterful set of trips for the Fifth…

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Doctor Who: Ghost Walk

Ghost Walk – Big Finish Review

Ah, Doctor Who and horror, two of my favourite things. When they come together, the scarier stories are often magic. And Ghost Walk delivers on that respect. When it was…

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Terrance dicks

A man for all seasons-An appreciation of Terrance Dicks

When you consider the longevity of classic Who there are many people that helped to cement its popularity in the common consciousness and for this article I want to put…

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Landbound – Big Finish Review

2014 saw another light in the Doctor Who universe fade with the untimely passing of Paul Spragg, a man who had a lot to do with the world of Big…

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Kingdom of Lies – Big Finish Review

2017 saw Big Finish go big. Over the course of last year, we were treated to the return of Rose Tyler, entered the Time War proper, Derek Jacobi’s Master, the…

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Doctor Who Shada Review

Alternative Betelgeuse – The 4th Doctor Returns in Animation Shada Review

I very rarely buy brand new Doctor Who DVD’s to be honest. They always seem frankly designed to take as much money as possible from me as a consumer but…

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A story of Regeneration Part 2

‘Those were the days my friend’ (a story of Regeneration Part 2)

Welcome back Whovians to the second part of my article on regeneration. In Part 1 I discussed how regeneration occurs in the natural world and why it became a part of the…

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The Wreck of the World – Big Finish Review

There can be little doubt that this fourth series of The Early Adventures range has been the strongest so far, The Night Witches, The Outliers and The Morton Legacy have…

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Big Finish - Doctor Who: Static

Big Finish – Doctor Who: Static Review

Big Finish wrapped up another successful year for the main Doctor Who audio range with Static and following on from stories which saw The Fifth Doctor, Adric, Tegan and Nyssa…

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