Doctor Who – Ep226: Damn Cybermats Again

Hey Who fans. In this week’s show…

The News

A scene from Rosa has been nominated for a BAFTA in the Must See category – get over there and vote.

Merch Corner

Big Finish is releasing a multi-Master story later this year for Ravenous 4, a fan has been bust putting together the un-released classic 1972 annual, Robert Harrop release the monochrome 2nd Doctor statue and Forbidden Planet (.com) has released the cover for Free Comic Book Day which is 4th May this year.

“Closing Time” Review

More bloody Cybermats along with Cybermen cause havoc in a shopping centre but can our buddy-tag-team The Doctor and Craig bring their best game to keep the world safe and keep Stormageddon in one piece?

Next week our review will be the SJA story РThe Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith.  Until then have a great week and remember РAllons-y!


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