Podcasting on lockdown! Light news and our review of the 3rd Doctor story – Inferno

The News

We sadly say goodbye to David Collings, the Rose 15th anniversary watch through should be good and Fantom Events put on a virtual fan event.

Merch Corner

No merch this week.

Review story this week is: Inferno

We have wanted to do Inferno for ages (in fact Adam thought we had done it!) and it’s finally here. An often loved classic story but what do we think? Red hot or green sludge?

Thank you all for listening this week. Next week our review is Torchwood – End of Days. Until then have a great week, take care of yourselves, stay healthy and remember – Allons-y!


  1. Ian from France

    The best Who podcast out there, Garry and Adam are fantastic hosts who, crucially, do not take the subject matter too seriously.
    An obvious passion shines through, and there’s real insight too.

    • Garry

      Thank you, Ian, for the kind words, appreciate that. Glad you’re enjoying the show as much as we enjoy listening to your reviews 👍

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