Series 12 Review – Orphan 55

The News

A bunch of upcoming Series 12 episode titles have been announced, those nice people at the DWAS have made The Celestial Toyroom Annual 2020 free and more viewing figures for Spyfall (confirmed) and Orphan 55 (overnight).

Merch Corner

Series 14 will be the next “Doctor Who The Collection” blu ray set released in April and German company Pandastorm have produced another collectors edition set, the 6th Doctor Season 23 this time.

Review story this week is: Orphan 55

With the opening two-parter out the way, we continue into Series 12 with this intriguing story of monsters, romance, viruses and Benni! Does this continue the good feeling we felt from Spyfall or are we taking steps back to Series 11?

Thank you all for listening this week as we kick-off 2020. Our review story next week will be the Series 12 – Orphan 55. Until then have a great week and remember – Allons-y!


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