Sarah Jane Adventures – Ep244: The Trickster back to its old, er, tricks

Hey, Who fans!

The News

Gamers will be happy to know another Doctor Who VR game is on the way – The Edge of Time is out on the usual VR platforms on the 12th November.

Merch Corner

A double bill of the little green alien Sil is on the the way in Nov: SIL And the Devil Seeds of Arodor is out on the 4th Nov and The Doctors: More Monsters! is also out on the 4th. There’s a couple of Who Xmas jumpers up for pre-order too; one from EMP and the other from

Review story this week is SJA: The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith

Listeners will know we’ve loved reviewing the SJA so far and this is one story we’ve been looking forward to. Does the inclusion of the 10th Doctor bring this show up to an even higher standard or is it just hype?

Thank you all for listening this week. Our review story next week will be the 3rd Doctor story – The Ambassadors of Death. Until then have a super week and remember – Allons-y!


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