Torchwood – Ep237: Tissues at the Ready

Hey Who fans. In this week’s show…

The News

A bunch of guests have already been announced for next year’s The Capitol event from the DWAS in April (as well as the ruddy good read The Cosmic Masque VIII) and sadly actor Glyn Houston who played Professor Watson in “The Hand of Fear” and Colonel Wolsey in “The Awakening” has passed away aged 93.

Merch Corner

The modern series steelbooks continue to roll forward as the Series 4 – The Specials has been announced and a great looking book titled “Target Trawl” is now available from Nick Mellish at where Nick reviews every Target book released to date.

“Torchwood – Out of Time” Review

Ah Torchwood Series 1, you’ve been a strange beast for us so far. Some stories are ok, some are not great and a few have been great. This one changes the tone and formula quite a bit and brings an emotional wallop. Is the Hub crew back on form or are the tissues wasted on this one?

Next week our review will be the 110th Doctor two-part story – Human Nature and Family of Blood. Until then have a great week and remember – Allons-y!


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