Doctor Who – Ep228: The Crab Terror

Hey Who fans. In this week’s show…

The News

It’s another no-news week 😞

Merch Corner

A new animated collection is coming on dvd, Reeltime Picture’s next dvd is The Paul McGann Years, TITAN collectors can get hold of some swanky artist proof versions and the next classic blu ray special edition will be Season 10 from the 3rd Doctor era.

“The Macra Terror” Review

We’ve been looking forward to checking out both the story and the animation quality of this recently released 2nd Doctor story. Are the Macra a worthy new monster but more importantly, why no “rough and tumble” scene?

Next week our review will be the Torchwood story – They Keep Killing Suzie (we really are doing it this time). Until then have a great week and remember – Allons-y!


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