Torchwood – Ep233: Random Ghosts

Hey Who fans. In this week’s show…

The News

The VR film/game/experience “Doctor Who: The Runaway” is now available on the Oculus Store, Vive Port and, the BBC VR App and the BBC have teased the return of the Judoon for series 12.

Merch Corner

The next story to get the vinyl treatment is “The Evil of the Daleks”, out in July.

“Torchwood – Random Shoes” Review

Back to Torchwood this week for this interesting episode which tries out a different formula, similar to that of “Love & Monsters”. Is this one enough to bring the excitement back to Torchwood or does it fall flat like a terrible ghost story?

Next week our review will be the 11th Doctor two-part story – The Time of the Angels and Flesh and Stone. Until then have a super week and remember – Allons-y!


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