Doctor Who – Ep243: Homo reptilia vs. The Doctor

Hey, Who fans!

The News

We say Happy Birthday to Doctor Who Magazine who is still going strong after 40 years and sadly we say goodbye to Stephen Moore (coincidentally Stephen played “Eldane” in our review story this week) who passed recently.

Merch Corner

Another unofficial Doctor Who Annual is on its way. After the success of the 1972 Annual, this fan project from Terraqueous Distributors is now working on the 1987 Sixth Doctor release – details here. A new Doctor Who retailer is about to launch here in the UK! Yes, new Who-specific company “The Time Meddlers” launches on November 5th with their website and site located in central London’s Convent Garden Jubilee Market. Sign up here for an exclusive pre-launch discount of 25%. Exciting times for Who merch hunters.

Review story this week is The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood

We haven’t spent any time with the Eleventh Doctor nor Series 5 in a while so does this story bring back good memories or are we pulled under the ground in nostalgic disappointment?

Thank you all for listening this week. Our review story next week will be SJA: The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith. Until then have a great week and remember – Allons-y!


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