Doctor Who – Ep249: I’ll have two sugars thank you

The News

A school in Wales produces a great fan film, Rani from SJA and Laura Fraser to star in Series 12 and sadly the last surviving writer from the 1st Doctor era, Donald Tosh, passes away.

Merch Corner

Blu rays and steelbooks all round as Series 5 and the upcoming Series 12 are now available to pre-order.

Review story this week is: The Moonbase

Classic Cybermen this week as the 2nd Doctor, Jamie, Polly and Ben try to survive in this base under siege four-parter. They do say too much sugar is bad for you!

A huge, big, massive thank you…

…to all of you who have listened to our show in 2019 (and prior). This is our last show for this year as we embark on our two-week break. We will be back on either 3rd Jan or 10th Jan with our reviews for the Series 12 opener “Spyfall”.

We have lots of Doctor Who still to cover and no doubt we’ll be out and about throughout 2020 at various events and cons so will be another busy year for us.

Until then we hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year. Take care of yourselves and remember… Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallons-y!


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