Androids… Everybody Needs Good Androids!

The News

Nothing this week!

The Merch

A double vinyl LP for the Time Lord Victorious arc – “Echoes of Extinction” is coming as an ASDA exclusive here in the UK.

Review story this episode: The Key to Time Part 4 – The Androids of Tara

We’re halfway through The Key to Time arc as we see what’s going down with androids, electric swords and a spot of fishing.

Coming next week: The Key to Time Part 5 – The Power of Kroll

Next week we continue on to Part 5 as we venture into the swamps on Delta Magna to say hello to a large beastie.

Thank you all for listening, and until then have a great week, take care of yourselves, stay healthy and remember – Allons-y!


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