Upcoming Time Lord Victorious Novels PLUS we’re onto Part 2 of The Trial of a Time Lord – Mindwarp

The News

No news this week.

The Merch

We chat about the upcoming first entry into the multi-medium arc Time Lord Victorious with two novels which look rather good.

Review story this episode: The Trial of a Timelord – Mindwarp

Mindwarp, the second instalment for Series 23 which means we’re halfway through TOATL month. Part 1 was ok so does this one raise the bar some more or are we trapped in a sea of pink averageness?

Coming next week: Terror of the Vervoids

We continue TTOATL next week with part 3 where we meet a future companion, Mel, and some not niceness happening aboard the space liner Hyperion III.

Thank you all for listening, and until then have a great week, take care of yourselves, stay healthy and remember – Allons-y!


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