Decent merch this week plus our review of Torchwood – Meat

The News

Nothing to see here.

The Merch

Plenty of merch this week including New book “Adventures in Lockdown” is out next month, “The War Master: Hearts of Darkness” is out now from Big Finish, the Series 7 Steelbook is up for pre-order and the new K9 book “Megabytes” can be ordered now.

Review story this episode: Torchwood – Meat

Not one for the vegetarians as the team goes on a rescue mission for an out of town beached alien whale and Rhys is now one of the crew. Almost.

Coming next week: The Wedding of River Song

You guys know we love Matt Smith, however, you also know we find Series 7 to be up and down. Is this one a clanger or like bowties (and stetsons) is it cool?

Thank you all for listening, and until then have a great week, take care of yourselves, stay healthy and remember – Allons-y and… Happy Halloween!


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