More B&M Set Craziness Plus We Review The Wedding of River Song

The News

Nothing to see here.

The Merch

New B&M sets are on the way including a Coal Hill School set with Ace and the Imperial Dalek and the Witch’s Familiar set with the 12th Doc and Davros. There’s also The Master Set from Hero Collector.

Review story this episode: The Wedding of River Song

The old Series 6 finale which is often considered very timey-wimey and confusing. Do we feel the same or is this a finale gem?

Coming next week: SJA – Death of the Doctor

The Doctor has been declared dead and Jo Grant turns up! Clyde better not have butterfingers in this one.

Thank you all for listening, and until then have a great week, take care of yourselves, stay healthy and remember – Allons-y and… Happy Halloween!


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