Doctor Who – Ep209: All the Historical Emotional Things

Welcome to Episode 209…

The News

A new exhibition planned for Cardiff next year, more viewing figures for the last couple of weeks and confirmed titles for episodes nine and ten.

Merch Corner

A new dvd about the actors behind monsters of Classic Who, new Crimbo stuff from Lovarzi, Jenny to team up with the Fifth Doctor in next year’s The Legacy of Time Special, Character Options release version 2 of the latest sonic and a new 5.5″ figure.

“Demons of the Punjab” Review

We need a decent ep after a bit of a mid-series dip and, without Chibbers writing, does this emotional historical deliver?

Thank you as always for joining us for 209. Next week will be our review of the awesomely titled – Kerblam! Until then have a great week and until next time – Allons-y!


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