Sarah Jane Adventures – Ep203: The Attic Crew Vs Potato Head

Welcome to Episode 203…

The News

We get another, meatier trailer which takes the show in a very different vibe and some news on the Episode 1 press screening in Sheffield.

Merch Corner

New vinyl exclusives from the 4th and 10th Doctor’s are heading to Sainsbury’s and HMV respectively and three new 13th Doctor books (with their audiobook counterparts) are on the way.

“SJA – The Last Sontaran” Review

We’ve loved reviewing SJA so far and Series 1 was awesome. Are we just as happy with this story that kicks off Series 2 or does a Sontaran in SJA turn out to be too much for our Attic Crew to handle?

Thank you so much for joining us for 203. Next week for episode 204 we’re travelling to visit the 1st Doctor story  – The Tenth Planet. Until then have a fantastic week, do something Doctor Who related and until next time – Allons-y!


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