Sarah Jane Adventures – Ep193: Don’t Trust Your Computers

Welcome to Episode 193…

The News

We have a new composer! Murray Gold has been turfed out via the back door and new guy Segun Akinola has been drafted in to not only compose the incidental score but also put a new theme together. Best of luck!

Merch Corner

More new Torchwood is on the way as Big Finish announce Series 6: God Among Us, a new audiobook from the BBC, The Caves of Androzani, read by Peter Davison is due for release this November and also coming this November, a new documentary DVD from Reeltime Pictures: The Doctors: Villains!

“Warriors of Kudlak” Review

Snarly aliens, shady laster tag owner and plenty of investigatory action all feature in this story. We’ve been big fans of SJA thus far so does this one keep the momentum going or are we fooled into a false sense of security like Kudlak and his AI Mistress?

Thank you for joining us for 193. Next week it’s classic Who and the Seventh Doctor is back for Dragonfire. Have a grrrrrrreat week and until next time – Allons-y!


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