Torchwood – Ep191: Who You Gonna Call?

Welcome to Episode 191…

The News

Australian comedian Rob Lloyd is taking is Who-themed comedy show Who, Me. tour across the UK.

Merch Corner

A collection of the Lethbridge-Stewart novels from Candy Jar Books are available for free this weekend on Kindle, there’s new Who Talk commentaries for The Massacre and Revenge of the Cybermen and Eaglemoss are offering 17% off for Fathers Day with code FATHER17.

“Torchwood – Ghost Machine” Review

We’re loving the excuse to watch Torchwood as we review these stories. Ghost Machine certainly has some dark undertones but is it entertaining enough to keep us engaged or do we switch off and watch Ghostbusters instead?

Thank you for joining us for 191. Next week it’s modern Who and that cheeky Tenth Doctor is back for our review of The Impossible Planet. Until then have a great week and until next time – Allons-y!


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