Doctor Who – Ep188: We killing Hitler or not?

Welcome to Episode 188…

The News

Sadly, Graham Strong, custodian of a large collection of high-quality classic Who audio recordings has passed away aged 69.

Merch Corner

The upcoming Series 12 Blu Ray boxset is being delayed by a week to Monday 18th June and there’s a new image released showing the awesome inside, booklet and disc artwork.

“Let’s Kill Hitler” Review

More series 6 shenanigans this week as we continue the 11th Doctor’s story. This one isn’t so much about Hitler but more about River (thank you Moff 🙄) so does it entertain like a sweet melody or get drowned out by story arc faff.

Thank you for joining us for 188. Next week we’re back to The Sarah JaneAdventuress and Eye of the Gorgon (and a special guest co-host). Have a great week and until next time – Allons-y!


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