Doctor Who – Ep180: Potato Heads and Clones

Welcome to Episode 180…

The News

Original audio recordings dating back to the early years are transferred to Mark Ayres at the Restoration Team, we bid farewell to old Doddy and Chris Eccleston has given us more details around the circumstances of his departure.

Merch Corner

New Who Talk commentaries are on the way plus that pesky Series 3 Steelbook artwork was fixed and will be with us on May 7th.

“The Sontaran Stratagem” Review

New Who meets Classic Monster in this conspiracy story oozing with good ol’ UNIT, Sontarans and two companions! Does this first part make us want to stay tuned in or do we frown at the overcooked baked potatoes?

Thank you for joining us for 180. Next week’s review will be the conclusion with The Poison Sky. Have a great week and until next time – Allons-y!


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