Doctor Who – Ep170: Happy New Doctor Year!

Hey, Who fans and a very Happy New Year to you all. We’re back behind the mic chatting all things Doctor Who so 2018, let’s be ‘avin ya!

The News

Twice Upon a Time official ratings and we shed a tear or two watching the time lapse video of Capaldi’s TARDIS set being dismantled.

Merch Corner

Dalek Tat throws us this week – the Series 9 soundtrack is FINALLY being released(!), a new Roger Delgado biography is out now and we could start seeing Classic Doctor series’ on blu ray.

“Twice Upon a Time” Review

An important episode this one – A multi-Doctor-regeneration-Christmas-special. It feels like a long time coming so we dive into the story, characters, the regen’s and the ultimate first look at the new 13th Doctor. Are we happy with the Moff’s last effort or do we shed sad tears at a potential anti-climax?

Thank you for hanging out with us and kicking off 2018. Next week it’s another multi-Doctor story with the classic The Three Doctors so grab those DVD’s as we’ll be asking for your usual thoughts. Have a brilliant week and until next time – Allons-y!


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