Doctor Who – Ep169: Merry Christmas Who Fans

Hey Who fans and welcome to episode 169. It’s a solo Garry outing for our last show this year so without further ado…

Garry is flying solo this week as Adam has already departed for his Christmas travels and it’s also a different format than usual, partly due to no decent news or merch at the time of recording. So on this week’s show:

What has Garry been up to, the year in review for Doctor Who in general and the podcast, Q&A and plans for 2018.

As it’s the last show of 2017 I’d like to get soppy if I may and say that this year has been another brilliant year for us and that’s all down to you. It would be a pretty rubbish show if we didn’t hear back from you or converse with you on the interwebs about Who. Your listenership and interaction, whether it’s saying hi on Twitter, sending us pics of your merch and conventions or sending in reviews, is what keeps us coming back every week. So for that I’d like to say a massive thank you, you lot are awesome and we have such a great community. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I hope you all have a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Enjoy Twice Upon a Time and we’ll see you on the flip flop. Allons-y!


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