Doctor Who – Ep162: Velvet Jacket vs Toad Face

Hey Who fans. We get to spend some time with the 3rd Doctor in medieval┬átimes in our review of The Time Warrior but first let’s land the TARDIS for our catch up, news and merch…

The News

Some unexpected series 11 news dropped from the official BBC Doctor Who Twitter account recently so we dive into that along with Who picking up an Ally Award for the long term LGBT inclusiveness.

Merch Corner

That grumpy Dalek throws us this week – the very awesome book Who-ology gets a Regeneration Edition and we’re treated to an upcoming Titans 4.5″ Snow TARDIS.

“The Time Warrior” Review

Ah, that cool, swarve and all-round cool Doctor Mr Pertwee gives a potential gem of a story featuring a bunch of firsts for Classic Who at the time. Solid story or does it suffer from retro sluggishness?

Thank you so much as always for listening and sending us your reviews. Next week we kick off November’s “Re-Visits Month” and first up is _Remembrance of the Daleks_ so get that watched. Until then have a great week and remember – Allons-y!


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