Doctor Who – Ep157: How many Nimons?

Hey Who fans. After a week out we’re back with plenty of news, merch and our review of The Horns of Nimon, let’s go!

The News

Class gets officially canned by the BBC, the 7th Doctor’s hat is going up for auction, Big Finish announce David Bradley will star as William Hartnell in a new volume of 1st Doctor Adventures and we give you the synopsis for the Christmas Special Twice Upon a Time.

Merch Corner

Our grumpy metal friend Dalek Tat throw us an upcoming novel by James Goss and his treatment of Douglas Adams’ story Doctor Who and the Krikketmen, a new “premium” A5 notebook is on the way and you can bag a signed A4 2018 calendar signed by Gordon Archer.

“The Horns of Nimon” Review

Series 17, a troubled time for Tom Baker’s era with flailing budgets and not much love overall, can this story provide a nice surprise? We talk through everything but what about that score?

Thank you so much for listening and for sending in your reviews. Next week we start the conclusion of our 9th Doctor reviews with Bad Wolf so get those dvds/blu rays out for your reviews. Until then have a fantastic week and remember – Allons-y!


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