Doctor Who – Ep148: World Enough and Simm

Hey there Who fans and welcome to Episode 148. Plenty of Doctor Who merch to go through after some light news then onto our review of World Enough and Time.

The News

Not much this week apart from some chat around ratings for The Eaters of Light.

Merch Corner

Dalek Tat has been busy this week and hands us a newly announce book in the Lethbridge-Stewart range, new t-shirts and hoody from Forbidden Planet(.com) and that Pop! Funko Rory/Centurion is now up for pre-order in the UK.

“World Enough and Time” Review

Holy moly there’s a lot to go through with this one. Who goes dark with horror undertones in this Moffat story. Mondasian Cybermen, black holes, creepy patients and John Simm (as if you didn’t know already!). Has The Moff redeemed himself and given us a story we know he can deliver or are we left in silence chanting “pain, pain, pain…”.

Thank you for listening as always and giving us your thoughts. The next show will be about the series 10 finale (yes, it’s here already!) so get those reviews in. Until then have a great week and remember – Allons-y!


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