Doctor Who – Ep140: Skating on thin ice

Howdy Who fans and welcome to Ep140. We catch up with Adam and his location travels around Paris, some merch and our review of Thin Ice.

The News

Mostly viewing figures but some interesting news about a new binaural version of Thin Ice coming this Saturday on BBCiPlayer.

Merch Corner

A new Myth Makers dvd featuring Matthew Waterhouse and a new “Build Your Own Sonic” from BBC Micro:bit.

“Thin Ice” Review

Series 10 is going along nicely and we’ve really enjoyed the first two episodes so far so does Thin Ice give us 3 for 3 or do we feel left out in the cold.

Thank you as always listeners, we love your support through subscribing and sending in reviews. Enjoy Knock Knock on Saturday and until next time have a super week and remember – Allons-y!


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